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40 Leaders Under Forty

As public service administrator and program coordinator for the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC), Shalandra Burch works to develop clinical programs and services to help individuals in custody become successful during and after incarceration. She serves as spokesperson for the Chief of Programs and IDOC, and coordinates with community organizations and other government officials to reduce recidivism and ensure that citizens have paid their debt to society. She also sits on a variety of internal committees related to diversity, equity and inclusion; racial disparity; and social justice.

A dynamic strategic planner, Burch has spent her entire career in social services and corrections, having previously served as a warrant officer and supervisor. She often serves in the background with little fanfare, yet her work keeps the public safe and speaks volumes about the importance of seeking restorative justice for all. She is in the trenches daily working with individuals who require compassion and firmness, and she does so with integrity and grace. Amidst the very challenging nature of this work, Burch has been able to build trust with even the most violent offenders. Her dedication to youth and her leadership creating new activities for those who are incarcerated has allowed many individuals to have a second chance.

As an at-large member of the City of Peoria’s Advisory Committee of Police-Community Relations and Peoria County/City of Peoria’s Joint Commission on Racial Justice and Equity, Burch brings her expertise in juvenile justice to help improve the community as a whole. She is a certified trainer with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and holds certifications in Management Skills for Basic Gang Outreach as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace. She was honored as one of WEEK-TV’s 25 Women in Leadership in 2017, and received the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice Office of the Year Award in 2016. PM