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Peoria Retro

Andelos Demetrious designs

The Demetriou Plan

Today’s history lesson: Once upon a time, Peoria found the ‘recipe for getting things done’ to ‘get the city standing tall’ Of all the redevelopment blueprints commissioned by the City

You Gotta See This

What’s in a name?

Gregory Wilson, former Peoria Public Schools Board president, says the names of schools should reflect the values of the students and teachers who learn and work within them. He wasn’t

Peoria State Hospital Museum

‘A Place for Special People’

Dr. George Zeller revolutionized mental health care there, and ‘still watches over the place.’ Most museums make it easy for visitors to drop by. But there aren’t any road signs

A statue on campus of Lydia Moss Bradley

Peoria’s most influential woman ever?

Lydia Moss Bradley left a local mark like arguably no other. Some 125 years since Lydia Moss Bradley established her Bradley University, the school continues to cultivate seeds of knowledge

Black and white photo of a football game

Peoria Stadium has a rich – and racing – history

​ Long before the state lottery, riverboat casinos and video gaming, Peoria looked toward gambling for a financial boost. Debuting in 1895, Peoria Exposition Park touted horseracing as a benevolent