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Bonhomme Richard

Dry and Dry-ish January has come to a close with the bitter cold of winter seeping into our bones, and it’s high time to have a cocktail that takes our


Chocolate Ganache Nutella Tart

Recipe Name February and chocolate go hand in hand. Valentine’s Day is the main chocolate February event, but did you know there is another holiday in February that centers around

Groundbreaker, Baker, Businesswoman

Peoria County Clerk Rachael Parker brings a sweetness to everything she does. Rachael Parker has made a name for herself in Peoria as a successful elected official and entrepreneur. She’s

Riley Greenwood prepares some cinnamon rolls in her Riley’s Vegan Sweets and Eats shop.

Making ‘tasty’ synonymous with ‘healthy’

Vegan isn’t just salad anymore, but cupcakes, pizza and even turkey at Riley’s Sweets & Eats. Riley Greenwood keeps evolving, personally and professionally. There’s a direct line that connects the


In for the Night

Welcome back to Mixology 101. Welcome to the new year with its requisite cold, wind and ice! It is time to cozy up with a blanket in the evenings and

Black Dal

Black Dal

Black Dal Mary DiSomma The flavors of Indian cuisine are complex, but with the right ingredients, creating the perfect Indian dish doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I was fortunate to

Julie Maag is owner and chef at Rhythm Kitchen Music Cafe.

Mom rules the restaurant roost

Rhythm Kitchen’s Julie Maag says motherhood prepared her well for the restaurant business. From one woman to another, Rhythm Kitchen Music Café appears to be in good hands. Motherly hands,

Christmas Macaron Tower

Christmas Macaron Tower Mary DiSomma For the holidays, I turn my famous wedding macaron tower into an edible Christmas tree. Green-colored macaron shells are filled with a creamy gingerbread buttercream.

Italian Fig Cookies

Cuccidati: Italian Fig Cookies

They are called cuccidati or buccellati in Italy, and hail from Sicily. The dried figs, nuts and citrus tell the story of the island’s many influences, from the Middle East to Greece.

Photo of Ginger Cakes

A Ginger Cake to Remember

Ginger is one of the most prized spices in the world. But I hadn’t fully understood how special fresh ginger root is until I took a trip to India, where

Steve Tarter


Restaurant chain celebrates 40th anniversary. A businessman’s businessman, owner Dick LaHood never took a break from starting new ventures

bar sign - Psycho Silo Saloon, Langley, IL

A Bar Like No Other

Psycho Silo Saloon borders on indescribable … and irresistible

A photo being taken of a glass of beer

Beer, Whiskey, Community

Princeton’s Barrel Society has it all, plus vintage music, movies and a colorful character behind the bar

Men in a bar toasting beer bottles

Trivoli Gets Its Nightlife Back

Come nightfall, Trivoli won’t be rolling up the sidewalks. For one, there are no sidewalks. For another, the neon lights are back on at The Brown Jug. For more than

Cocktail Class: GO FIGURE

The long, sunny days and rising temperatures of June come as the fig season starts to hit its stride. As you sneak to the shade after some time at the

Steve Shaw grilling

Feeding People, Building Relationships

Steve Shaw, one of the deans of the central Illinois restaurant scene with nearly five decades behind him in local kitchens and dining rooms, is easing into “retirement.” Of course,

Tomatoes on the vine

Tomato Economics

Tomayto, tomahto, however you pronounce it, that beautiful, plump gem of flavor comes with a cost.  Ninety percent water, it arrives to you full of the energy from the ground

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