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The Demetriou Plan

Today’s history lesson: Once upon a time, Peoria found the ‘recipe for getting things done’ to ‘get the city standing


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Downtowns, like people, have their phases

I’ve gone through my fair share of phases, some better than others. My Rat Pack phase in college was a real classy time. I wore vintage clothes and listened almost

The New Normal

Uptown Normal raises the bar on what’s possible in urban redevelopment At its simplest and most functional, Normal’s Uptown Circle resolves a troublesome intersection of streets in the town’s historic

Illinois River at sunset

Peoria, ‘shiny’ enough for me

I’m a 20-something now making a life in Peoria. A born-and-raised Peorian, I’m one of those prodigal children who returned home thanks to COVID-19. In high school, I dreamed of

What’s in a name?

Gregory Wilson, former Peoria Public Schools Board president, says the names of schools should reflect the values of the students and teachers who learn and work within them. He wasn’t

Green Bandana

New in campus fashion

College students become mental health advocates through the Green Bandana Project. In a few months, Olivia Wright is to graduate from the University of Iowa. The senior from Metamora is

Peoria State Hospital Museum

‘A Place for Special People’

Dr. George Zeller revolutionized mental health care there, and ‘still watches over the place.’ Most museums make it easy for visitors to drop by. But there aren’t any road signs

Galesburg Scene

All Aboard for Galesburg

History, tourism and industry keep this resilient city moving forward. Galesburg is a railroad town. Evidence of the city’s proud railroading heritage is everywhere. School sports teams have names like

Ottawa cityscape and river view

Opportunistic Ottawa

The present embraces the past in scenic, historic river town. Ottawa has been called one of the “10 small towns in Illinois that offer nothing but peace and quiet.”   

Peoria on map

Carry it With You

I left central Illinois in a five-seat hatchback packed to the brim with everything I could carry, and a few things I couldn’t—sweatshirts and memories, notebooks and the ideas in

A statue on campus of Lydia Moss Bradley

Peoria’s most influential woman ever?

Lydia Moss Bradley left a local mark like arguably no other. Some 125 years since Lydia Moss Bradley established her Bradley University, the school continues to cultivate seeds of knowledge

The Washington Way

Neighborly reputation, hometown character, rich history distinguish this growing Tazewell County town