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Seed & Soil

The times they are a changin’

Farm-hers are taking their rightful place next to the guys in rural, food-growing America. Growing up on the farm is an experience I’ll never take for granted. I’ve learned about

Maybe I’m Amazed

Corn mazes confound – and thrive — in central Illinois

Farmer silhouetted in Field

So Far, So Good for Central Illinois Farmers

As of the first week in July, the corn and soybean crops look good in Peoria County. There were numerous 90-degree days in June and early July. High temperatures, low

Farm tractor on road

Please Share the Road Safely with Farmers

A friend of mine who happens to farm near a busy city — Danielle Wainwright of New Jersey — had a lightbulb moment last year during planting season. She grabbed

Jake Beach (left) and Steve Beach at Savage Building Systems in Varna. Steve Beach owns the business; son Jake works on one of the crews

Save It? Sleeve It

Patented pole fix prolongs life of countless farm buildings

Bee Keeper, Luke Harvey, of Chillicothe

The Business Of Bees

Sixteen ounces of honey require 1,152 bees to travel 112,000 miles to visit 4.5 million flowers.

Central Illinois Cornfield

Harvesting Thankfulness

When our kids were younger, every year about this time, we hung up a handmade tree trunk fashioned out of tissue paper on the wooden pocket doors in our dining

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