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One More Thing

Fifty years ago in Peoria, the unthinkable

On May 1, 1973, three gunmen busted into St. Cecilia’s Catholic Grade School and took a classroom of 5th graders hostage On May 1, 1973, 10-year-old John Ardis raised his

True to the end

Carl Porter Jr. fought valiantly for his country, married the love of his life, and made his little corner of the world a better place In Peoria, a quiet hero

Peoria Loses a Pizza Titan

Is there pizza in heaven? If so, Jim Agatucci is serving it with a smile Jim Agatucci looked at me as if I were nuts. This was a few years

Final respects can wait no more

The first slave that Abraham Lincoln helped free rests in an unmarked, asphalted-over grave in South Peoria, but no longer forgotten. Soon, Nance Legins-Costley’s name will finally rise above her final

George Manias

The nicest of nice guys

And longtime shoeshine owner George Manias is the hardest working, too, with the documentary to prove it. George Manias likes to chat about most anything, except maybe himself. The 91-year-old

Talking Christmas Tree

When Christmas trees spoke to us

Meet the inaugural voice behind the legendary Bergner’s Talking Christmas Tree. In the above 1977 photo, 5-year-old Jennifer Zenzen poses next to the Bergner’s Talking Christmas Tree at Sheridan Village. The

WTVP Offices sign on a wall in a bar

One More Thing: Where Genius Resides

So, a guy walks into a bar … Actually, this particular guy – as in yours truly – had walked into this particular bar – Mike’s Tavern in West Peoria

Lorraine Washington

Lucky to be alive

Says Lorraine Washington: ‘Every day, it’s my goal to make somebody smile’

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