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Twenty Something

Downtowns, like people, have their phases

I’ve gone through my fair share of phases, some better than others. My Rat Pack phase in college was a real classy time. I wore vintage clothes and listened almost

You Gotta See This
Illinois River at sunset

Peoria, ‘shiny’ enough for me

I’m a 20-something now making a life in Peoria. A born-and-raised Peorian, I’m one of those prodigal children who returned home thanks to COVID-19. In high school, I dreamed of

Green Bandana

New in campus fashion

College students become mental health advocates through the Green Bandana Project. In a few months, Olivia Wright is to graduate from the University of Iowa. The senior from Metamora is

Peoria on map

Carry it With You

I left central Illinois in a five-seat hatchback packed to the brim with everything I could carry, and a few things I couldn’t—sweatshirts and memories, notebooks and the ideas in