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Arc Light Productions goes where others won’t, celebrates 15 years with its annual madrigal dinner. Fifteen years ago, Jeff Driscoll

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Julie Maag is owner and chef at Rhythm Kitchen Music Cafe.

Mom rules the restaurant roost

Rhythm Kitchen’s Julie Maag says motherhood prepared her well for the restaurant business. From one woman to another, Rhythm Kitchen Music Café appears to be in good hands. Motherly hands,

Reising Shepler Book Lola and the Tree of Life

Lola and the Tree of Life

Illustrated book helps children—and adults, too—cope with grief. Everyone experiences grief. It can bring overwhelming physical and emotional suffering. While mental health professionals say this is a natural response to

Christmas Macaron Tower

Christmas Macaron Tower Mary DiSomma For the holidays, I turn my famous wedding macaron tower into an edible Christmas tree. Green-colored macaron shells are filled with a creamy gingerbread buttercream.

Inherit The Wind Play

Peoria’s legal eagles ‘Inherit the Wind’

Watching a rehearsal of “Inherit the Wind,” the play performed recently at the Peoria Riverfront Museum, was another reminder of the ability of live theater to get audiences — and

Italian Fig Cookies

Cuccidati: Italian Fig Cookies

They are called cuccidati or buccellati in Italy, and hail from Sicily. The dried figs, nuts and citrus tell the story of the island’s many influences, from the Middle East to Greece.

Photo of Ginger Cakes

A Ginger Cake to Remember

Ginger is one of the most prized spices in the world. But I hadn’t fully understood how special fresh ginger root is until I took a trip to India, where

Dancers in rehearsal

A Decade of Dance

At Central Illinois Ballet, it’s ‘not just a job … It’s a life’

Laurie Pillman

Healing With Words

Local book signing event connects authors, readers and survivors

Steve Tarter


Restaurant chain celebrates 40th anniversary. A businessman’s businessman, owner Dick LaHood never took a break from starting new ventures

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