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Letter from the Editor

Mission Possible: Downtown, from empty to awesome

Welcome to Peoria Magazine’s March edition, dedicated to the subject of reviving Peoria’s Downtown. I come at this issue from the perspective of the young, raw newspaper reporter who moved


See it, Be it

Welcome to Peoria Magazine’s February edition, in which we shine a spotlight on Progress & Achievement, specifically by those who not uncommonly have faced barriers to both: people of color.

Winter sunrise photo

Be healthy, be happy, be kind

Welcome to the first issue of 2023, in which we at Peoria Magazine turn the page on a new year and a fresh attitude toward a recurring January theme: Health

All cheer Peoria’s glass-ceiling gladiators

Welcome to Peoria Magazine’s December edition, in which we introduce some of the most influential women in central Illinois and highlight the contributions they have made and continue to, often

Sunset View

All Hail the Young and the Restless

Welcome to Peoria Magazine’s November edition, in which we celebrate at least 40 reasons to be optimistic about the future of central Illinois.  In compiling the stories for this annual

Here’s to the Dreamers and Doers

Welcome to Peoria Magazine’s Infrastructure and Architecture edition, dedicated to those who first imagine, then build. Obviously, I chose a profession that allows me to construct with words as my

Mike Bailey

Here’s to the risk-takers

Welcome to Peoria Magazine’s Small Business edition, dedicated to those who take the risks that drive our economy, often against formidable odds. This month we partner with Bradley University’s Turner

Mike Bailey

Lessons to Spare, and Share

Welcome to Peoria Magazine’s Education edition, dedicated to those who teach, learn and use their accumulated knowledge to make their communities and the world better places. You wouldn’t think that


Illuminating Our Legends, as They Lift Us All

Welcome to Peoria Magazine’s Local Legends issue, dedicated to the people who have long made things go — and continue to — in our respective communities in ways large and


Letting the Sun Shine on Another Peoria Magazine

Welcome to Peoria Magazine’s Outdoors and Recreation issue, devoted to all things sunshine and fresh air as spring turns into summer. The cover of this issue barks, “Get outdoors!” Granted,


Another Peoria Magazine, fresh off the vine

Welcome to Peoria Magazine’s Farm and Garden issue. And welcome to the Community Impact Guide, a comprehensive directory of the region’s not-for-profit and philanthropic endeavors. It may seem like an