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40 Leaders Under Forty

Yujie Chen, PhD, is a senior research engineer at Caterpillar Inc. leading efforts in new manufacturing technology developments and implementation to help customers, the company and the industry at large. His work has encompassed collaborations with other Caterpillar divisions as well as external collaborations with a government institute, multiple universities and a diverse range of industry partners, while deliverables from his projects have been implemented in manufacturing facilities around the world.

Through the Digital Manufacturing Design Innovation Institute, Dr. Chen led a team of more than 20 people from academia and industry, applying advanced research results to solve complex problems within advanced manufacturing. Now known as MxD, the effort involves a consortium of industry partners working to develop improved design tools and processes, automated manufacturing planning, digital integration and control in the manufacturing environment, supply chain visibility, and other digitally enabled innovations.

In addition to mentoring new engineers and interns, Dr. Chen’s list of accomplishments at Caterpillar includes developing a team in China to utilize novel manufacturing technologies, and leading communication and collaboration efforts between Caterpillar and academics with regard to advanced manufacturing technology development.

As chairman of communication and networking for the Caterpillar Chinese Resource Group, Dr. Chen organizes quarterly meetings and seminars. He serves as chairman-elect for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Peoria Chapter, and as symposiums organizer for the Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference. He has also applied his deep industry and technical expertise by serving as a reviewer for numerous manufacturing journals.

Dr. Chen was an invited panelist at the 2017 Prognostics and Health Management Society Conference and speaker at the National Science Foundation in 2018. Among other achievements, he received the 2016 Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and was recognized as the Best Organizer of Symposium & Sessions by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 2017. PM