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40 Leaders Under Forty


Brynne Behringer, Age 36

Partner and Senior Project Manager, Central States Marketing

Brynne Behringer
Brynne Behringer

“In the face of adversity, a true leader harnesses challenges as opportunities for growth, inspiring their team to persevere and innovate. Brynne has seen adversity in her life and has truly led by example,” said her nominator.

Outside of work, Behringer “gives back to the community through quiet servanthood.” Among her favorite charities are FARA (the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance), Crittenton Centers, EP!C and Illinois CancerCare.

Childhood ambition: “For the longest time, whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would confidently reply, ‘A cardinal bird.’ I suppose it was my way of embracing the idea that I could be anything I wanted. As I matured … I shifted my focus towards becoming a teacher. I enrolled at DePauw University, where I embarked on a double major in education studies and communication. While I never entered a traditional classroom setting, I discovered that my passion for teaching could be channeled into my professional endeavors. Whether it involves explaining the rationale behind a marketing strategy to clients or establishing clear expectations for campaign performance … I believe that education is a vital component of my work.”

Advice to 20-year-old self: “Invest in learning. … Prioritize your physical and mental health. … Begin saving and investing early.
… Cultivate meaningful relationships with friends and family who have your back. … Embrace failure as a natural part of life, viewing setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. … Build a strong professional network. Master time management with work-life balance at the core. Don’t chase the next milestone; let it come naturally. And, whenever possible, travel!”

Unknown to colleagues: “I hail from a lineage steeped in pirate heritage! My great-grandmother, a formidable figure from the 16th century, rose to legendary status as a pirate queen in Ireland. … She commanded her own fleet of ships along Ireland’s western coastline. … Her extraordinary life has even inspired the Broadway musical The Pirate Queen, which recounts Grace O’Malley’s journey … leading her people in their quest for freedom.” 

Best advice: “The only wrong decision is indecision.”

Biggest challenge: “The unexpected loss of my husband at the age of 36 rocked my world, but the most profound impact was on our 2-, 4- and 6-year-old children, who lost their dad. … The new reality was brutal – being a working single parent, playing both good and bad cop, trying to be dad and mom, managing the logistics of three kids’ schedules simultaneously, all while craving a moment of respite. While the experience was hard and challenging, it also showed me the … generosity of people and this community.”

Personal inspiration: “Somewhere, I came across a quote that resonated deeply with me: ‘Family is the force behind a loving heart.’ … My parents have shown me that true inspiration often lies not in grand gestures, but in the everyday acts of resilience and determination that mold our character.”