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40 Leaders Under Forty

Keith Hanson | 39

Assistant professor of clinical pediatrics, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria (UICOMP); Pediatric hospitalist, Children’s Hospital of Illinois

Keith Hanson

As a hospitalist, Dr. Hanson cares for children with complex medical and surgical problems admitted to Children’s Hospital of Illinois. He also works closely with pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, urology and neurology teams. As the head of pediatric sedation services, he ensures that his team provides safe, high-quality care to children undergoing minor procedures, and under his leadership this program has grown considerably.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hanson supervises all clinical research operations within the Department of Pediatrics, with more than 100 studies now underway. His research is mainly focused on education simulation, pediatric sedation and health outcomes and, of late, the effects of long COVID. He has published 17 peer-reviewed manuscripts in prestigious journals and has presented five oral research presentations at national meetings. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Hanson was involved in developing a patient registry of children admitted with COVID-19 infection to Children’s Hospital. 

Dr. Hanson was involved in developing a patient registry of children admitted with COVID-19 infection to Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Hanson has been an award-winning member of the faculty at UICOMP, teaching medical students and residents and organizing lectures to raise awareness of disparities in health care, in career opportunities for women in health care, and in health outcomes based on gender and race. 

Meanwhile, he also is active in the community with Boy Scouts, coaching soccer and foster parenting. 

Childhood ambitions: “As a young child, I think I wanted to be an astronaut, but in middle school I wanted to own a used bookstore, and that is still my retirement plan!”

Hobbies: “Hiking and camping with friends and family.” 

Leadership definition: “Understanding the perspectives of those you lead, ideally because you have had those roles and walked in those shoes before.”

Peoria needs: “Trader Joe’s, it would be so popular!”

COVID’s impact: “It has had a major impact in medicine, both in terms of affecting our patients and also our workforce. The latter, especially, will likely be forever changed.”

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