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40 Leaders Under Forty

Kendra Moultrie-Belk | 30

Access services coordinator, Illinois Central College

Kendra Moultrie-Belk
Kendra Moultrie-Belk

In her position at ICC, Kendra Moultrie-Belk provides students with disabilities the accommodations they require for their academic programming. Beyond that, she ensures that the campus, classes and programs are accessible for students of all need levels, as well as providing training for staff on how to best assist students.  

Kendra has worked as a licensed mental health therapist for the past six years, providing therapeutic services for youth involved in the foster care system and within the higher education space. At the former — as an in-home therapist for Camelot Care Center – she developed a social skills group for boys ages 8 to 11. She also worked at Methodist College, primarily during COVID when she focused on providing additional student supports. In addition, she created student video blogs and a monthly newsletter to keep busy students informed, as well as an “on the go” food pantry option for their nutritional needs.

On the community service front, Kendra is active on the board of Peoria Friendship House, on the executive leadership team at the local American Heart Association, and with the sorority Nu Pi Omega. She volunteers at the Salvation Army, helps with garbage pick-up around Peoria’s South Side, and has started a free book club for local minorities.


‘Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher … I’d Like to believe that I am still an educator, of sorts’


Kendra also offers free group counseling services to those affected by community violence and one-on-one counseling for those struggling with suicidal ideation, as well as guidance to underrepresented minority students at Eureka College.

Childhood ambition: “Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher. I’m not sure at what point that career path changed for me, but I’d like to believe that I am still an educator of sorts. While I’m not in the classroom teaching students a specific subject, I do educate people about mental health and provide resources, skills and strategies on how to navigate issues.”

Book recommendation: “A book near and dear to me is Until Today by Iyanla Vanzant. That book helped me during a time where I was transitioning from being a ‘professional student’ to a full-time adult in the career world. Since then, I always recommend it to clients … when they need daily reminders about the importance of self-growth and acknowledging the challenging parts of ourselves that we tend to avoid.”

Leadership definition: “I believe that someone’s ability to be a great leader has a lot to do with their genuineness. A great leader wants whatever they are working on or whoever they are assisting to be successful. They don’t focus on receiving acknowledgment; instead they take the time to uplift others and they put their all into it. A great leader seldom considers themselves a great leader. They often believe they are just doing the right thing.”