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40 Leaders Under Forty


Lauren McBain, Age 35

Manager of Foundation Events, OSF HealthCare Foundation

Lauren McBain

At OSF, McBain is responsible for the development and execution of comprehensive philanthropic strategy, with the goal of enhancing overall major gift fundraising across the OSF HealthCare Ministry. She manages all event logistics and OSF best practices and coordinates input from Ministry Services departments including legal, data processing, accounting and IT.

“Throughout Lauren’s tenure at OSF HealthCare Foundation, she has played a pivotal role in planning and executing various successful events, ranging from small gatherings to large-scale events occurring over several days, larger organizational events and community outreach initiatives,” said her nominator. “Her exceptional ability to handle complex logistics, adapt to changing circumstances, and ensure seamless execution has been highly regarded. One of Lauren’s notable strengths is her natural talent for team management and fostering a positive work environment.”

Lauren McBain


Childhood ambition: “Growing up I loved the movie Free Willy and wanted to be a marine biologist.”

Advice to 20-year-old self: “Patience has never been a strength of mine and I always want to see an instant result. When I graduated from Bradley University, I expected to have many job offers, and that wasn’t the case. I’ve had to work hard for every opportunity, and I wish I would have enjoyed each job and learned as much as possible in that role.” 

Bucket list priority: “Purchase an RV and travel around the country with my family.”

Best advice ever: “Believe in yourself and stay true to who you are. People are going to try and tear you down and you will question your value, but know your self-worth.”

Biggest challenge: “Losing my grandfather, James Hansen, senior year of college, was tough. He was a professor at Bradey University for 41 years, and attending the school where he had such a wonderful career was one of the reasons I chose Bradley. I know he was proud of me and was with me in spirit at my graduation.”

Motivating social issue: “The effects that social media has on children/teenagers.”

Book recommendation: Oh, the Places You’ll Go (Dr. Seuss). I love the message that it gives kids. … There are many different roads you can take in life, and you’re in the driver’s seat.”

Local inspiration: “My father, Eric Hansen. … I’ve been lucky enough to watch him succeed in his (civil engineering) career, volunteer, and still make time for his family.”