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40 Leaders Under Forty


Danny Phelan, Age 34

Vehicle Service Tech Coordinator, Advanced Medical Transport (AMT)

Danny Phelan

In his current role at AMT, Phelan is responsible for the vehicle service technician and bio-medical engineering programs, as well as supply chain management.

Phelan was elected to the Peoria County Board, District 9, in 2022. In that capacity, he serves as vice chairman of the Public Safety and Justice Committee, and is a member of the Operations, Executive, and Finance committees. He is an appointed member of the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission and the Infant Death Task Force working to lower infant mortality.

“When Danny decided to run for County Board, he spent a considerable amount of time with current board members, learning about the departments and issues that the board was tackling. He attended many of the board meetings to prepare for his leadership role,” said his nominator. “Danny has become an important part of the board and does his homework,” while “asking lots of questions to make sure the best decisions are being made. He works well with all board members and is in constant contact with them.”

Outside of work, he serves on the board of the Friends of Clonmel.

Danny Phelan


Advice to 20-year-old self: “Quit trying to fit a mold. Be the mold.”

Hobbies: “I like spending time outdoors biking and hiking or exploring new travel destinations. If I had to pick a single hobby I would never give up, it would be fishing.” 

Bucket list priority: “I am fascinated by Japanese culture. I picture cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Michelin-starred ramen, hotels staffed by robots, vending machine restaurants, video game arcades, and sleep pods.”

Best advice: “My dad used to reinforce how people and relationships matter. Never dismissing a voice and creating a network of people has a very measurable power. You never know who you are talking to or how they can contribute. I have spent my adult life working to take advantage of all opportunities that allow me to meet people.”

Biggest challenge: “Understanding that balance does not exist, but prioritizing does.” 

Favorite cause: “Anything cancer-related hurts so many. Seriously, can you call yourself a Peorian if you do not participate in at least one St. Jude fundraiser yearly?”

Book recommendation: Start with Why by Simon Sinek.”

Local inspiration: “Tim Beccue, chief financial officer at AMT. Tim has a way of challenging me regularly to be a better person, personally and professionally.”