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We’ve all heard that phrase when friends or family invite us over for dinner. It makes choosing a wine sound so simple, yet it can be so daunting. What are they expecting? Will the wine be served that evening? Will the wine pair well with the meal?

Before we get started, we should go over a few basic rules: 

Since red or white wines can work for most occasions, I suggest you bring both red and white wines. And, most importantly, try to bring a wine the hosts will really enjoy. Remember, you want them to enjoy the wine as much or more than you. With that in mind, I take the approach that the best wine to recommend to my customers is the one I think they’ll like the best-not necessarily my favorite. The last experience you want is to find your hosts cringing while you’re licking your lips.

Below, I’ve outlined a few different categories of wine drinkers. If you can’t figure out what will appeal to your hosts, you can always take the safe bets at the end.