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Before we get started, let me preface this article with the known fact among wine drinkers that you often tire of a favorite wine and search until you find a new favorite. A favorite wine can last a week; a month; a year; and, yes, in some categories, even a lifetime. As I thought long and hard, there were many wines that were favorites, but today’s picks are just that-today’s favorites. If I write this column a year from now, we very well could have a whole new list.

I’m asked every day to recommend wines to customers for one occasion or another. Sometimes the question is more personal, "Leo, what’s your favorite (fill in the blank)?" Since it’s summer, here’s the list of my favorites. 

That finishes my list of favorite whites. As the temperature cools in the fall, you can be sure to find "My Favorites Part II: The Reds." AA!