A Publication of WTVP

We listened closely to our arts community in the past year. Time and again we were told that a real service ArtsPartners could provide the arts community was to list a year-long community ARTS Calendar on our Web site. This month, we’re pleased to announce our simple, yet comprehensive online Arts Calendar that quickly and easily lists all the arts information that’s been submitted to us-for the next year. If you take a look at, you’ll see our calendar listed prominently on our home page.

In the process of changing over from our old calendar system to this new one, we’ve re-packaged 22 pages of arts information in a simple, organized fashion. While much of the information is the same as on our old Web site, we’ve made a few practical changes. With our former system, you had to do a lot of scrolling to find whatever arts performances and exhibits were taking place on the date and month you were looking for. We were told by our arts community that all the scrolling became rather cumbersome. For instance, let’s say you were looking to see what arts performances were taking place on the second Saturday of February 2005. To get to the February 2005 listing, you had to scroll through the remainder of the year 2004, then past all of January 2005 to reach the second Saturday in February 2005.

Not anymore. Now all you do is click fast forward on the new calendar until you see the correct calendar listed. Click on the Saturday you’re looking for, and you’ll find the various arts events and performances occurring on that particular date. With the new system, the dates you’re looking for are just a few short clicks away.

Another feature we now offer on our Web site is of particular interest to teachers. Our Educators Guide, listed under publications, is a 34-page resource that allows educators to read about all of the types of classes, field trips, and educational opportunities in the tri-county area that are available for students in the area of the ARTS.

Further, our recently published 32-page, full color Public Art Catalog is now listed online too. Complete with photographs and a listing of more than 170 local public art pieces, this catalog includes maps that tell exactly where all of the art pieces are located. We encourage local teachers to use this catalog as a part of their teaching curriculum; the catalog can serve as a guide for upcoming field trips and public art tours.

Along with Arts Alive! magazine, ArtsPartners strives to be recognized as an important and helpful resource in our arts community. At our new Web site, you’ll discover what a helpful community resource we really are. AA!