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Last month, ArtsPartners talked about how the holidays were fast approaching and how we had a perfectly unique holiday gift idea to share with you: Our ARTSChecks Gift Certificates. This month, the holidays aren’t just fastly approaching, they’re right here staring us in the eye-and it’s gift-giving time.

If you’re an employer and wondering what last-minute bonus or holiday gift you can give your employees and clients, look no further. ArtsPartners had a perfect gift idea last month, and we’ve got it again this month. For all of you employers and last-minute shoppers, give the gift of ART. Give ARTSChecks Gift Certificates.

Our ARTSChecks are gift coupons that allow recipients to experience the wealth of local arts in our community in whatever fashion they choose. There are so many options from which to select, including taking in a musical show, theatre performance, or international film; attending the ballet, opera, or symphony; purchasing an original piece of art; or even taking a dance class.

When you give the gift of ARTSChecks, you’re not only providing someone with the unique experience of ART, but you’re helping build a more vibrant arts community. When more individuals attend local arts events, a brighter economic future is ensured for all of us. In a recent report ArtsPartners published on the arts and their economic impact in the Peoria area, Mayor Dave Ransburg said, "The ever-evolving arts community has cultivated an ideal market base of diversity to attract all ages and interests. When we talk the arts here in Central Illinois, we mean business-big business."

Take a look at our Web site at, and you’ll find several dozen participating organizations in the Peoria area. Our ARTSChecks may be purchased right from our Web site or by calling 676-2787.

We hope you consider purchasing ARTSChecks today because a memorable arts experience is a gift your recipient will never forget. We look forward to hearing from you right now, just in time for the holidays, which are right around the corn..… no, here they are right now. Happy holidays. AA!