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During the holiday season, the question on everyone’s lips is, “What should I get them?” Unique, appreciated, and easy to find are the qualities we’re all after in a gift, and, as in the past, the Peoria Art Guild has provided the answer: the Crimson Door Holiday Show.

“The Crimson Door Holiday Show fills both our Exhibits Gallery and Gallery Store with a wide variety of artwork in all mediums and price ranges,” said Gabriel Johnson, Gallery Store manager and Crimson Door/Trunk Show coordinator. “Beginning November 19 and running through December 24, our second floor Exhibits Gallery will feature the Peoria Art Guild’s entire collection of 2D artwork presented salon-style, all of which will be available for purchase.”

He said the collection encompasses everything from oils to photography, watercolors to etchings, and everything in between. “We’ll also feature numerous sales throughout the holiday season, all of which culminate in a one-time trunk show featuring 11 regional artists from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., December 10. Hiram Toraason, Stephen Knight, Chuck Flagg, Amy Furgiule, Maryruth Ginn, Jack Wohlstadter, Paul Eshelman, Robert LaBonte, Nancy Slevin, Richard Coers, and Henry Litchfield will all be present and available to answer questions about the wide range of original artwork they’ll have for purchase.”

The Trunk Show is intended to showcase the talents of local and regional artists and to offer the public a chance to purchase one-of-a-kind gifts at a reasonable price, Johnson said. “Many of the artists involved have been Fine Art Fair exhibitors or are local practicing artists; others have their work represented in the Gallery Store. All of the artists exhibiting this year are from Illinois, and the majority live in the greater Peoria area.”

Many people think they can’t afford a gift of art—for others or themselves—but it doesn’t have to be expensive, he said. “This is a very affordable show, and there’s something for everyone in every price range. The artists participating are encouraged to continue in the tradition of presenting work with a reasonable price, with many pieces in the $25 to $50 range.”

Hosting a show year after year may present creativity challenges to some organizations, but Johnson said each year offers something new and different at the Art Guild. “The dynamism and talent of all of the artists represented keeps this event and all of our other shows fresh; even though many of our artists are regular exhibitors, everyone’s work is constantly evolving. The quality of the arts right here in Peoria is nothing short of amazing.”

In testament to the quality and variety, he said many people return every season to check out what’s new. “The Art Guild is very lucky to have a strong base of repeat customers, and our patronage is constantly on the increase as the downtown arts community continues to grow.”

Johnson said like the Fine Art Fair, the best part of the Crimson Door Holiday Show is being able to interact with the public and the artists involved in this event and to provide a venue where a common ground is established. “Peoria and the surrounding area have an astonishing number of gifted artists, and I think we should all be very proud to have such a wonderful and integral asset to our community. Any challenges in the logistics or coordination of this event or any other are outweighed by the end result.”

For more information on this event and the variety of arts-related services the Peoria Art Guild offers, call 637-2787 or visit its web site at AA!