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Think back to your childhood… those halcyon days of yore. Without school to structure your existence, the summers were big, blank canvases teeming with all the possibilities your youthful mind could conjure. Long days that never seemed to end, new friends, fun things to do and learn…

As children, most of us went to some sort of summer camp, whether through church, the Scouts, a park district, or otherwise. And while the experience itself is short-lived, its impact can be lasting—even lifelong. Indeed, for many, summer camp remains one of our most cherished memories.

Now, you have your own kids, and life’s a bit different than it was when you were their age. But even today, there remain some enduring truths, the benefits of the camp experience among them. And considering the disconnectedness—from nature and other people—so easily engendered by the digital age, camp may just be more vital than ever.

A sense of community. Enhanced social skills. Learning through experience. Lessons in leadership and responsibility. Self-esteem, self-worth, and on and on…the impact runs deep and wide. Here in central Illinois, the Peoria Park District offers a wide range of summer camps for children of all ages and interests. Take a look, find the right camp for your child, and sign up today!

For more information, call the Peoria Park District at 688-3667, or visit and download the 2012 Summer Day Camp Guide. a&s


The Peoria Park District is not the only organization with big plans for the summer. Here are a variety of other options for sending your children off to explore, learn and have fun!