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An exhibition of self-portraits by central Illinois women artists on display at Studios on Sheridan…

We know how artists see the world by what they choose to paint, sculpt and photograph. But how do they see themselves? And how do we see them?

An exhibition of self-portraits by central Illinois women artists will be on display at Studios on Sheridan through November 5, 2015. More than 20 local artists are included in the exhibit. Peeking out from her hand-knit blanket, Susan Doyle is easy to identify, while Sydney Poland shows us only her long hair, draping downward.

“That’s how people recognize me—by my long, curly, blonde hair,” Poland says. Her black-and-white photograph is inspired by the artist Man Ray. “I love his work. This photo is a direct interpretation since I liked the composition.” A native of Washington, Illinois,Poland graduated from Illinois Central College and is now studying photography at Columbia College in Chicago.

Susan Doyle is passionate about family, knitting, gardening and art. She graduated from Illinois State with an art degree and hasworked as a graphic designer ever since. Her painting both reveals and conceals: you see those big brown eyes inviting you to make friends, while the blanket wrapped up high covers surgical scars. Doyle is an avid gardener, and her flowers often become her subjects: “I love to paint the beauty of God’s creation.” a&s