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Take on the dog days of summer with a drink that’s just as refreshing as it is delicious: sangria.

This sweet, Spanish wine punch has become internationally popular for its succulent, fruity flavor… and for its versatility. While most traditional recipes call for various combinations of red wine, brandy, seltzer and fresh fruit, really, a glass of sangria can be tweaked to become whatever you want it to be.

Cocktail connoisseurs have found sangria made with white or rosé wines to be just as palatable as those made with red, while others swap out the traditional splash of brandy for one of rum or vodka—with delectable results! If you’re feeling adventurous, start with your favorite dry red wine as a base and experiment by adding small amounts of brandy, or your preferred fruit liqueur, and slices of your favorite seasonal fruits until you stir up the perfect flavor combination. Or, start out sipping on a tried-and-true recipe, like this one from Food Network celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

Peach Blackberry Sangria
Serves 4 to 6



In a pitcher, combine the wine, peach puree, brandy, syrup, blackberries and sliced peaches. Muddle and cover, then refrigerate between two and 24 hours. Once set, serve sangria over ice in wine goblets. Garnish with freshly sliced peaches and enjoy!

While the color of your wine base will dictate which meats pair best with your concoction (white wine typically pairs well with poultry and fish; red wine with red meat), sangria serves as an excellent cooling complement to a hot and spicy dish, and makes for a refreshing dessert accompaniment that can offset the richness of chocolate confections. For more ideas on how to mix up and serve sangria at your next party or meal, visit a&s