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The senior vice president of Wachovia Securities in Peoria has weaved an involvement with the arts throughout his entire life. A 14-year trustee on the Illinois Arts Council and vice chairman of the Peoria Symphony Foundation, Chapman surrounds himself with the arts.

“I’ve had a great interest in the arts all my life—sports and the arts,” Chapman said. “I was introduced to a concert, Rossini’s William Tell Overture—the Lone Ranger theme—and that was it.”

The current co-owner of the Peoria Chiefs baseball team also stays busy with golf, tennis and traveling.

1 What is your favorite vacation spot? Paris, because of its romantic beauty, museums and great food. Paris is followed very closely by Yosemite, for its awe-inspiring natural grandeur.

2 Who are your real-life heroes? My wife, Jan! She is the most caring, compassionate and supporting person I know. I thank the good Lord everyday for marrying her.

3 What is your favorite aspect of living in central Illinois? The quality of the people and Midwestern core values of faith and hard work are my reasons for living here.

4 Your favorite film? A French film (in English subtitles) Diabolique. A chilling mystery!

5 What’s your top pet peeve? People who litter!

6 What is your proudest achievement? Two years ago, I was given the first ever Wachovia Way Award by the chairman of my firm. From a universe of 11,400 financial advisors, it was a humbling experience.

7 What is your favorite leisure activity? Reading, mostly non-fiction.

8 What do you know now that you didn’t know at 30? Our time on this earth goes by very quickly. Live everyday as fully as you can.

9 My life won’t be complete until I… I can honestly say that I have had a very full life. I have been blessed with two fine sons, a loving wife and great friends. To top it off, I love my work and have been fortunate to have traveled the world.

10 What is the one word friends would use to describe you? Fun!