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A unique gallery space offers a forum for newcomer and veteran artists alike.

When Clock Tower Place was under construction in East Peoria’s Levee District, Jean Ann Honegger wanted to make sure there was ample space for the public display of art. The Hometown Community Banks co-owner and CEO is also an amateur photographer, whose vibrant work has long been on display at branch locations throughout central Illinois. As the bank’s network expanded over the years, so has the space available for art. With the opening of the Fondulac Bank location, it now has an entire gallery dedicated to the work of local artists.

Named after the bank’s slogan, “We have time for you,” the Time Gallery began showcasing artwork shortly after the new branch opened in November 2013. Honegger approached Dawn Maloney—senior vice president at Eureka Community Bank and an artist herself—to promote the gallery as a new venue for area artists. A member of the Illinois Art League, Maloney has had a lifelong involvement in the arts; today, she serves as artist coordinator for the second-floor gallery space.

Over the last year, the Time Gallery has featured artwork from a diverse range of photographers, watercolorists and sculptors, as well as the creative works of local children—“a little bit of everything,” Maloney explains. Having spread the word about the gallery, she says artists have begun contacting her to reserve the space. “We’ll get together and take a look at their artwork to make sure it’s the type of art we want to display.” The gallery is open to a variety of artistic styles and mediums, so long as it is suitable for a public space.

There is no cost to display one’s artwork or view the show—the gallery exists to provide another avenue for artists to show their work to the public. “There is a very vibrant arts community in the Peoria area right now,” Maloney explains. “It’s important to get their names out there and allow them to connect with each other and show their work.”

While it has featured the work of experienced artists, such as potter Jacob Grant, the Time Gallery is also a forum for lesser-known artists to test the waters without feeling intimidated. And with the works of two or three artists on display at any given time, the gallery ensures a variety of artwork is showcased.

The public is encouraged to visit the gallery during regular bank hours to check out the current display. With increasing numbers of visitors to the Levee District, “it’s a great opportunity for them to come in and take a look,” Maloney says. a&s

Located at 201 Clock Tower Drive in East Peoria, the Time Gallery is open 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, and 9am to noon on Saturday. For more information, call (309) 467-2331 or email [email protected].