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In 1926, a group of Canadian children invented a game they called “Tin Lid Golf,” in which tin lids were thrown at targets on a course laid out on their school grounds. This early incarnation was among several isolated instances of what has become known as disc golf, or Frisbee golf, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that the game evolved into what it is today. In 1981, competitive play arrived in central Illinois when Marshall Hopkins and John Gardner organized the Peoria Frisbee Club (PFC).

Much like the classic game of golf, disc golf courses generally consist of 18 “holes,” each with a basket. Players use different types of discs—known as putters, mid-ranges and drivers—and try to throw them in the baskets in as few attempts as possible. According to PFC President Dustin Fee, most competitive disc golfers carry between 10 and 20 different discs during play, each used for a specific shot, just as a golfer would cart a variety of clubs around.

The Peoria Frisbee Club offers three leagues on a seasonal basis—in the spring, fall and winter seasons. Anyone looking to improve their skills can head out to PFC league play, jump in and pick up some pointers from experienced players. The club’s mission, after all, is “to get more people out enjoying the sport that all of us love.”

With courses spread throughout central Illinois from Bloomington to Chillicothe to Canton—and no fee to play them—it’s easy to grab a few discs and get out there. As Fee notes, this is a game anyone can play. “It doesn’t matter if you’re 12 or 60 years old,” he says. “No matter what stage of life you’re at, you can still enjoy and compete at it.”

For more information on the Peoria Frisbee Club, league and tournament play, course locations, or where to purchase discs, visit or email [email protected]. a&s