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The IBI List is a fun and informative addition to InterBusiness Issues. The concept is simple: we ask companies within a particular industry the questions we think you, our readers, would be interested in knowing the answers to. Companies that respond to our survey have a chance to get the word out about what services and products they can offer central Illinois customers. And the best part is that it’s an apples-to-apples comparison. Whether you’re making decisions for business or pleasure, the IBI List will be a valuable resource.

Future installments of the IBI List may include law firms, health care organizations, staffing agencies, financial institutions, accounting firms, realtors, and much more. In its second installment, the List surveyed marketing/advertising agencies throughout central Illinois.

Disclaimer: InterBusiness Issues makes every attempt to contact relevant companies within the industry being surveyed. IBI is not responsible for misinformation or the absence of companies who choose not to participate.