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India. The name paints a magic tapestry of the past and the future woven as one. This October, Bradley University’s Executive MBA program will visit India for the first time with its current class.

The purpose of the trip is to learn more about the global environment by exploring varied businesses including CAT, Infosys, Prasad Movie Studios and an Indian-owned cookie factory. Students will share leadership discussions with fellow Indian EMBA students and experience firsthand one of the oldest,
most vibrant and diverse cultures in the world.

One project for each student will be to make contact with a New Delhi business—on their own—and visit that business for a day, meeting and talking with its people. This project helps the student to grow as a leader and learn to function in a global environment—taking what they will learn in India and applying it to their own workplace.

Along with the trip to India, the current EMBA class will spend their remaining time in the program learning how to lead successful change and use strategic positioning tools, as well as writing a comprehensive final project on a major issue facing their own company.

Applying the lessons learned in the classroom to their workplace is what makes Bradley’s award-winning EMBA program

Participants learn about issues facing today’s managers, such as cost management, customer satisfaction, and managing
technology, and take those tools back to the office the next day. The critical focus of the program is developing participants into leaders that will meet tomorrow’s challenges with knowledge
and integrity. This year, Bradley’s EMBA participants will grow as leaders, both here in Peoria…and in India.

Jack F. Russell directs the Executive MBA in Leadership program
at Bradley University.