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Chris Armstrong is the New Product Introduction and Quality manager for the Maintenance Products Division at Caterpillar Inc. He leads a team of 10 employees that provides leadership for all New Product Introduction and Quality projects.

Armstrong delivers exceptional results at work while taking an active role in the community. Striving to lead, inspire, empower and enable those around him to deliver exceptional top-level performance, he constantly seeks opportunities to better his company, community and those around him.

Armstrong has been a participant in the MS 150 fundraiser, a two-day, 150-mile bike ride for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. In 2008, he raised over $1,100 in pledges for the event. He is an active member of Community NOW! and participates in events relating to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Easter Seals.

Armstrong holds multiple leadership positions within St. Patrick’s Parish and Grade School, aiding in the operation of a $1.5 million budget. He serves as treasurer for the education commission and has been instrumental in the Transportation and Tuition plan development and execution of the five-year strategic plan.

Armstrong is also in his third year of service as the finance commission chairperson, leading a team that develops and recommends annual budgets, coordinates annual campaigns, and provides monthly outlook summaries and recommendations.

Since his induction into Mensa, Armstrong has been an active member of the Central Illinois Chapter, with a focus on advancements in learning and education—the same approach he uses on St. Patrick’s education commission.

While working at Caterpillar, Armstrong completed master’s degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration. He achieved high honors in both programs and received nominations for the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Armstrong achieved his Professional Engineer certification from the State of Illinois in 2002 and his Certified Purchasing Manager certification from the Institute for Supply Management in 2005.

Armstrong is an active member of the Caterpillar Employee Political Action Committee and uses his experience as an opportunity to educate and inspire those around him. He is a third-generation Caterpillar employee who loves his company and demonstrates his passion though action every day. iBi