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When walking into a room that’s in desperate need of cleaning, we don’t always think we can give the effort or time it would require to make a big impact. But, we don’t always need to deep-clean a room to make major improvements. Sometimes all it takes is a couple cleaning bursts to clear the clutter that’s been strewn about.

If you only have five minutes, scan your home or office and determine which areas have just a few items out of place and which could easily be put back in order. Furniture with smaller surface areas, such as coffee and end tables or kitchen counters, are ideal for this short amount of time. suggests that you can spend 10 minutes throughout the day doing “dish-washing blasts” and have a clean sink by the end of the day. Other 10-minute tasks include organizing a bookshelf and starting a load of laundry. “You can reserve the last 10 minutes of the [workday] to unclutter your desk to start fresh and clear the next day,” the site suggests. The first 10 minutes upon getting home from work can be spent putting your coat and briefcase where they belong and throwing junk mail directly into the recycling bin.

In 15 minutes, you can clean out drawers, throwing broken things away and setting aside unused items to be donated. Organizing your monthly receipts and cleaning out purses or wallets are also good 15-minute tasks. Sarah Aguirre of has created “15-Minute Cleanups”—uncluttering checklists for each room of the house. You can find them at iBi