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Todd Hollis wears several hats within Elmwood School District 322, a district recognized for outstanding academic achievement, innovative programs and a solid basic skills curriculum. Hollis teaches advanced chemistry and physical science and serves as head coach of the varsity football team and a volunteer coach for boys’ track.

Hollis exemplifies the five best practices of an educator in the classroom and on the football field: “model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act and encourage the heart.” He has established a character and leadership program within the football program, which has made great strides in the type of students his players are and will become.

Hollis is respected and well-liked by his students and players, but he asks more of them than mere prowess on the field. He is often heard saying, “If all we teach these guys is how to block and tackle, we haven’t done our jobs.” Teaching his student-athletes to become leaders of the future is at the forefront of Hollis’ game plan.

Beginning with the 2008 season, Hollis implemented a formal character education curriculum in the Elmwood football program, addressing issues of attitude, responsibility, self-image, character, leadership and goal-setting.

To help the young men on his football team learn more about social responsibility and the importance of helping others, Hollis began a fundraising effort for Easter Seals in 2007. Their initial goal of $500 was surpassed when the team raised $1,300. The program continues this year, with a much loftier goal of $15,000. It’s not surprising that this leader received the Peoria Area Football Coach of the Year award in 2006.

Hollis currently serves as president of the Peoria Area Football Coaches Association. He attends Northwoods Church and regularly volunteers in the Discoveryland Children’s Ministry. Truly dedicated to his wife and three children—soon to be four— Hollis can be found enjoying their company when not at school or on the football field.

Since the birth of their third child, who has Down Syndrome, Hollis and his wife, Anne McSorley Hollis, have committed to building Touch Down Acres, a community in the Elmwood area to give those with developmental disabilities a chance to work, play and live lives of dignity and independence. iBi