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Workplaces that excel in attracting, retaining and motivating Top Performers have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This competitive advantage helps organizations become more innovative and successful. Successful organizations grow and create opportunities for new jobs. Ultimately, an economy filled with great workplaces will attract great talent, be more successful, grow and create new jobs! This is not a new concept, but certainly worthy of being top of mind.

Our economy needs more great workplaces! If more organizations in central Illinois work to refine and improve their ability to attract and retain the best talent, it will increase the probability that more Top Performers will seek job opportunities in our region. In turn, by employing great talent, organizations will have a higher probability of being more successful, growing and creating even more jobs.

As an employer, what do you need to do to be a Top Performer magnet? Below are seven drivers for creating a great workplace that, in turn, attracts Top Performers.

How did your organization fare after reviewing the list? Perhaps some goals for 2009 should be considered. Recently, the EA recognized two central Illinois employers for their commitment to being a great workplace—The Better Banks and Pekin Hospital. Visit to read their stories. iBi