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As part of a lighthearted survey of our 40 Leaders Under Forty, we asked them to list a few of the websites they’ve bookmarked or added to their “favorites.” The responses came back across the board—everything from to the online radio station to, a great place to find a deal in this economy.

What do your favorites say about you? Do you tend to follow your hobbies online? Get the latest news and weather? Or is it for a greater cause or an organization? We decided to dig deeper into some of the favorites to see what our Top 40 are really looking at.

Several websites related to favorite sporting activities:, and, and Top news sites came up frequently:, and, to name a few. Then there are the ever-popular, and The ones that really stood out, though, needed to be investigated.

Have you heard of Hulu is a website that was developed to bring consumers some of their favorite TV and movie moments to the Web. It was developed by NBC Universal and News Corp, so it is currently somewhat limited in its selections, but if you missed that Saturday Night Live sketch everyone has been talking about, is your opportunity to get up to speed.

If you’re looking for a bargain, might be where you find your next digital camera or high-definition television. When you enter the site, you’ll find coupon codes, rebates, free shipping and other deals offered by your favorite stores.

One of our leaders spends her free time on, a website dedicated to recipes and menus “for people who love to eat.” It goes beyond just pulling up the recipe for your favorite home-cooked dish—you can get the latest health spa menu, a complete guide for a family reunion, where to dine in New York City or take a culinary trip through Greece. Once you’ve had a “taste” of this site, your taste buds will never be the same.

For those with young kids, check out This is a great website targeted at children ages two to five, where imagination is blended with learning. The site aims to create well-rounded preschoolers and focuses on topics such as social skills, thinking skills, early academics, ethical development, motor skills, imagination and self-expression. iBi