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Parents slam on their brakes as kids crane their necks out the windows for a better look, teens beg for pictures, and burly truck drivers honk and wave a thumbs-up as Matt Brereton drives down the road. No, he’s not a movie star, but he definitely creates a scene. Matt is the proud owner of The Cupcake Camper, a silver Airstream with pink stripes, complete with a four-foot pink cupcake on top.

Brereton bought the Airstream and retrofitted it to travel around to festivals, charity events, corporate events, private parties and weddings to sell giant, gourmet cupcakes with overflowing frosting. Why cupcakes? Because Brereton just knew that cupcakes would be a success. “The past several years, I have had the opportunity to travel full-time for my job,” he explained. “In every big city, such as New York, Chicago or Los Angeles…gourmet cupcakes are very popular!”

Brereton believed that Peoria was the perfect city to begin his entrepreneurial venture. “Peoria is where I was born and raised,” he said. “I cannot imagine a better place to have started my own business. Peoria is a world-class city without the headaches of a larger market.”

Peoria also had all the resources he would need to start a business during a recession. These resources would be the team of small businesses he has contacted that already know the city. “Peoria is full of very savvy and experienced resources…They know what works and what does not work. I am very thankful to have their experience and support as I grow.” Brereton also has the determination, experience and will to make his lifelong dream come true.

So if you see a camper topped off with a giant cupcake drive up beside you, honk, wave or make him pull over so you can experience…The Cupcake Camper! iBi