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Moving your office? Sound stressful? It does not have to be.

You’ve always heard moving can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Even relocating your office can be a trying time not only for the boss, but for the staff as well. But it does not have to be stressful if you prepare well.

When contemplating an office move, you should choose a professional office-moving company to ensure a successful relocation. Do your research-check to make sure that the company regularly moves offices, large or small, and that they move from state to state, if that is your need, as some movers may not. Are they capable of safely moving large pieces of office furniture and files, as well as the technology items that are in offices today? These are all questions that should be addressed in preparation for the move.

When receiving estimates from moving companies, keep in mind that there are several pricing factors to consider. These should be discussed prior to accepting the moving company’s quote, and you will need to decide which estimate suits your company’s budget.

You should choose a professional moving specialist that not only has several years of office-moving experience, but one that will protect your items and the office area at origin and destination. Companies with experience will provide building protection to help ensure that the facilities you are moving into and out of are as protected as the contents being moved. Such items include bumper pads to protect furniture and doorways, and masonite to protect carpeting and floor coverings.

An experienced estimator will meet you and your staff personally and take the time needed to cover details with you, addressing all of your questions and concerns. The estimator will be able to provide you with an estimated cost of your move by walking through and calculating the weight of items to be moved and estimating the amount of time the move will require. The estimator should also provide you with references and insurance verifications. The estimate is key in a move, and that is one main reason to use an experienced and reputable firm-so there are no surprises upon completion.

Business conditions dictate your office space requirements and moves are necessary as your business grows. In order to relocate your business to its new location, the first step would be to find a certified moving company that provides services to help you, which should include the non-interruption of employee productivity. When beginning the process of arranging an office move, you should:

 Your office can save money in the relocation process by:

 A reputable office relocation company will be a member of the International Office Moving Institute. If they are not, a list of previous office moves should be provided to you.

Many details need to be handled during an office move. An experienced office-moving company can guide you from start to finish and will have an operations supervisor on site in case any questions arise during the move. Early planning and preparation are two of the most important factors in ensuring a successful relocation. iBi