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Two popular productivity websites have teamed up to help users organize their receipts, business cards and other data. offers a service that automatically scans and manages receipts and other documents received through email or snail mail, moving these hard copies to a more functional digital home. is a universal note-taking service built for the world of hyperlinks. Using both services together, your receipts are now scanned and searchable.

Evernote is a free service, although it also offers a premium option. Its software allows users to capture pretty much everything they do on the Web for later use, from search results, tasks and to-do lists to notes, snapshots and research. The service can also detect characters in digital scans or photographs. Users can synchronize their information across all of their devices, so that the information is available anywhere.

Shoeboxed offers a free trial, after which you must pay a modest fee to continue using the service. The site accepts receipts, business cards and other physical documents and organizes them for you. It is particularly useful during tax season, or if you have to show a receipt for an insurance claim or store return.

With the partnership of the two services, Shoeboxed users can now export their entire archive of scanned receipts and business cards to Evernote, where they can be tagged, sorted, archived, and accessed from the Web or your mobile phone. Because of Evernote’s ability to detect characters in digital scans, your receipts are now searchable. The Evernote blog offered these additional suggestions: