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Designed by nurses, InformMed’s medication safety system is leading the way to solutions you can count on. 

InformMed is a Peoria-based software solutions provider that supplies tools to help eliminate dosing errors at the point of care. “I realized that there was a critical gap in current medication delivery processes,” explained InformMed co-founder Kathy Francis, “and the potential errors that could take place in that gap were the most critical and could cause the most harm to patients.” This realization led to the invention of InformMed’s medication safety system.

The InformMed system assists nurses with recognizing unsafe doses, calculating and documenting doses and volumes for emergent drugs, immediate access to essential drug/dose information, and the ability to independently double-check all high-risk drugs. It is integrated into the nurses’ daily practice, providing critical tools when and where they are needed, allowing them to focus on other aspects of care that only they can deliver.

InformMed’s first customer, The Children’s Hospital of Illinois at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, has seen reported dosing errors drop by 95 percent since implementing the system. Methodist Medical Center is in the process of implementing it as well, showing the commitment of Peoria’s hospitals to high-quality, error-free healthcare for the community. 

At the touch of a button, nurses verify the safety of each patient dose with InformMed’s Safe Dose Range Display.

Replacing complex medication math with accurate simplicity, InformMed’s system automates Dose Conversions and Dose Volume Calculations.

At the same instant, nurses have immediate access to hospital-specific Drug Administration Information.

Preventing common mistakes like misplaced decimals, miscalculations and miscommunication, the system alerts nurses to unsafe doses before they can be passed to patients

InformMed’s patented system provides a critical link to the fully “closed-loop” Electronic Medical Record (EMR) of the future.

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