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Matthew Coulter has worked for Peoria Disposal Company/Area Disposal Service, Inc. for more than eight years, and currently serves as sales and recycling manager, Six Sigma Deployment Champion, and vice president of Coulter Companies. He supervises seven sales and four customer service professionals and is responsible for two-thirds of the company’s annual revenue, as well as the management of its residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customer base. He is also responsible for business development, mergers and acquisitions to promote the growth of the solid
waste business.

Coulter’s leadership has successfully guided the execution of more than 10 projects with benefits nearing $2 million in revenue and cost savings to date. He is a major force in driving improvement and efficiency throughout the organization and is involved in long-term strategic planning and direction for the organization. Responsible for the Six Sigma process throughout the company, Coulter is committed to finding solutions and improving company operations. Others are inspired to follow his leadership because of his limitless amounts of energy, enthusiasm and initiative in driving improvement and efficiency.

Currently serving as president of the Independent Haulers Association, Coulter develops the agenda and topics for break-out sessions at two annual conferences. He serves on the board for Caterpillar’s Six Sigma Supplier Association and is a member of the Peoria Sustainability Commission and the Jacksonville, Illinois Regional Economic Development Committee.

Coulter serves on the board of directors for Peoria Promise and has been a member of Peoria City Beautiful, Peoria Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing Committee, and the Tri-County American Heart Association Board. He is also the president of the Phi Gamma Delta House Corporation Board at the University of Iowa.

In addition to being a well-respected leader among his colleagues and within the community, Coulter is a wonderful father to a young, growing family. While his professional and volunteer commitments are among his top priorities, he most values his role as a leader in his family. He is first a devoted husband, father, son and brother. iBi