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Investors seeking an affordable way to diversify their portfolios should consider the convenience of mutual funds.

Mutual funds provide investors with a professionally managed investment that is typically comprised of stocks, bonds or a combination of both. Within these categories, there are multiple investment styles and asset classes, enabling you to build a diversified investment portfolio to help meet your financial goals.

By purchasing shares in a variety of companies, mutual funds can help reduce market risk and volatility. A well-rounded portfolio may include a number of different types of mutual funds. Working with your financial advisor, you can devise a mutual fund investment strategy that is suited to your needs, bearing in mind your time horizon and ability to withstand fluctuation in the value of your portfolio.

Features of mutual fund investing include:

Please carefully consider the objectives, risks, charges and expenses of any mutual fund before investing. This and other information can be found in the prospectus, which is typically available through a fund company’s website or your financial advisor. Prospectuses should be read carefully before investing.

Whether your financial goals require growth, current income or a combination of both, your financial advisor can help you build and manage a mutual fund portfolio suited to your investment goals. iBi