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In June, the new OSF Center for Health-Glen Park opened at 5114 North Glen Park Place. While many of you may remember this location as the old Peoria Drive-In, we hope that you will soon come to know it as the OSF Center for Health-Glen Park campus.

Twenty-four primary care physicians call this campus home, with a wide variety of outpatient diagnostic services available. In today’s world, it may seem cliché to say that the team of providers at this campus will offer a whole new approach to healthcare, but the new Center for Health-Glen Park really does operate with an approach that’s different from what you find in many medical offices.

Our team is made up of physicians, nurses, technicians and many others from OSF Medical Group and OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. This team is focused on the patient. They understand the frustration patients often feel when they are unsure where to go, what to expect or are asked the same questions multiple times. While each group has their own procedures and systems in place, they are all there, working together, to make your visit pleasant and reduce the stress often associated with seeking medical care.
The campus is home to:

As with other OSF Centers, our smiling valets will be waiting to greet you and park your car. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you at our new Center for Health-Glen Park campus. iBi