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Living with diabetes can be a great challenge. Managing blood sugar levels on a daily basis through diet, exercise, and often medication, takes planning and commitment—and an experienced team of professionals. OSF HealthCare helps patients with diabetes manage their condition and maintain a healthy lifestyle through its world-class diabetes program, affiliated with the prestigious Joslin Diabetes Center.

Partnering With the Best
The Joslin Diabetes Center is a leader in diabetes research, treatment and education. Dr. Hady E. Sfeir is the medical director at the Joslin Diabetes Center, Affiliate at OSF HealthCare, the only Joslin affiliate in Illinois. By partnering with Joslin, OSF HealthCare is able to offer patients additional resources as it works to improve diabetes outcomes. The program is for those 17 years and older who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

In June, the program relocated to the new OSF Center for Health—Glen Park. Having endocrinologists, nurses, certified diabetes educators and dietitians working together under one roof is a big advantage for patients.

“Diabetes is a complex, chronic illness that is best managed with a team approach,” Dr. Sfeir says. “By having all our services in one location, we make it easier for patients to receive integrated care. They don’t have to go from place to place to receive needed services.”

The First Step: A Comprehensive Evaluation
The best diabetes care for central Illinois residents begins with referrals from their primary care physicians. After a referral is submitted, the staff at Joslin Diabetes Center, Affiliate at OSF HealthCare reviews the patient’s medical history and the steps they’ve taken to control their diabetes. A patient’s care plan may need to be adjusted—or a new plan may need to be developed.

We find out what’s working and what isn’t, and we explore all the ways we can increase our patients’ chances for success. Medications and/or insulin may need to be initiated or changed, and patients may need individual meetings with a diabetes educator and/or a dietitian.

Group classes are offered on:

Follow-up care is also important. Patients are typically seen every three months, although those with more difficult cases of diabetes visit the facility more often.

Lofty Goals, High Standards
To maintain its standing as a Joslin Affiliate, the program must meet high standards for patient care. OSF Saint Francis must regularly submit data to Joslin to show that it is meeting its clinical standards.

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. For more information, visit

As a Joslin-affiliated center, OSF HealthCare works with patients to help them achieve:

Patients also need annual eye exams and yearly testing to check for diabetes-related kidney damage.

Diabetes is a disease that progresses over time, so it’s critical that we see patients regularly to make any necessary changes in their care plans. With the proper medical care, support and education, patients can succeed and enjoy a good quality of life. iBi