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It’s common knowledge that the safest places during a tornado are basements and interior rooms, and that it’s best to be indoors in the midst of a bad thunderstorm. But what if you’re in your car when severe weather hits and there’s no shelter close by? Would you know how to stay safe? Take this quiz to test your severe weather car survival skills:

1. In a hailstorm, should you…
a. Stay in the car and keep driving?
b. Park the car under an overpass and stay inside the vehicle?
c. Park the car under an overpass and get out of the car?
d. Pull off the road and seek shelter in a ditch?

2. When flooding occurs while you’re driving…
a. Before driving through floodwater, judge the depth of the water by watching others drive through it.
b. Check for downed power lines and floating debris that could cause serious damage before driving through floodwater.
c. Take another route around the flooding and avoid driving through it at all.
d. It’s safe to drive through any floodwater—cars and boats are very similar.

3. If you see a tornado while driving…
a. Try to outrun it, even if there is flying debris.
b. Try to outrun it only if there is no debris.
c. Pull over and stay in the car.
d. Get out of the car and lay in a deep ditch.

4. When driving in a severe lightning storm…
a. Stay inside the car—it will act as a protective coating and conduct the electric current around the outer frame of the car and into the ground.
b. Get out of the car—it will attract the lightning and the electric current will run through the entire car, including the inside.

5. It’s best to stay inside your vehicle when a blizzard occurs, but should you…
a. Try to drive through the storm?
b. Park the car, turn it off and wait out the storm?
c. Park the car and let it run while you wait out the storm?
d. Park the car and run the engine periodically to stay warm while waiting out the storm? iBi

Answers: 1.) B 2.) A, B or C 3.) C or D  4.) A  5.) D 
Source: American Automobile Association