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Daniel Hunt is the chief probation officer for Tazewell County Probation and Court Services, responsible for ensuring that investigations, supervision of probationers and administration of court orders are undertaken pursuant to statute. Before accepting his current position, Hunt had served in juvenile probation and intensive probation as an armed officer, far exceeding expectations in each capacity. He has designed and implemented numerous innovation training and communications programs for the department as well.

Due to his expertise, professional presence and leadership within the Tazewell County office, Hunt was asked by the Administrative Office of Illinois Courts to help train all new probation officers in Illinois, a responsibility given to just four others in the state.

Hunt is a representative for the Tenth Judicial Circuit to the State’s Probation Coordinating Council and serves on the council’s leadership committee. He also serves on Central Illinois’ Domestic Violence Multidisciplinary Team, working with a variety of professionals to increase the effectiveness of services provided to those impacted by domestic violence.

Hunt’s passion for mentoring has led him to volunteer in youth ministry for 18 years. Through nearly two decades of service, he has led small groups, chaperoned domestic and international mission trips, and helped organize community service projects in the Peoria area. He currently volunteers with the high school and college programs at Grace Presbyterian Church, and he and his wife lead a Sunday school class for newly married couples. Most recently, he has taken on an expanded role as the youngest member of the church’s Board of Elders.

Hunt has served on the Board of Trustees for the South Side Office of Concern in Peoria since 2009. In this role, he provides oversight and direction to the management of this nonprofit organization, which provides assistance, life skills and job preparedness training to the homeless and disabled populations of central Illinois.

After completing a second master’s degree earlier this year at the University of Illinois, Springfield, Hunt was invited to join Beta Gamma Sigma, a business honors society that extends invitations only to the top 20 percent of graduating classes. While his professional position does not require a master’s degree, the combination of the two degrees he has earned in counseling and business management provide him a unique and highly effective skill set and knowledge base that benefits his work on the job and in the organizations in which he is active. iBi