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At one point, if not multiple times, we have all had those awful haircuts. Think back to when you were a child. It was amazing what two minutes alone, a full head of hair and a pair of scissors were capable of doing. Mom, “Look at me!”…Pause…[insert scream here]. After that came the quiet car ride to the nearest salon, in hopes to fix the “cut.” About seven bucks later, what do you know? It was the look I was trying to achieve in the first place.

Fast-forward to the working world where a level of professionalism exists. Think of all of the different haircuts, styles and colors within your workplace! We all possess characteristics that make us unique. But what about those (drum roll, please) combovers? Please explain how the combover is a professional haircut. One can’t help but wonder if the combover is worn in response to social pressure to have a full head of hair. How many times a day do those with combovers have to comb those wispy hairs back into place? It is as if we were going to see something that we didn’t already know existed—a bald head. Think of all of the time and energy spent on maintaining a combover. Let’s think about where some of that energy can be best utilized.

As we are coming out of an economic recession—the dark, dreary and muddy times—now is the time to rejuvenate! It is time to learn from the past and start thinking in a more positive light. What is your company doing that sets you apart from your competition? Now, more than ever, it is important to utilize the talents and creativity your employees possess. Ask your employees to think above and beyond what other companies are doing, and then have them follow through with that idea. That’s right, be the bold and brave company. Guaranteed, other companies will be talking about you. When your products, promotions, events/programs and business succeed, your employees succeed, leading to employee satisfaction.

Now is the time for your company to get out of your comfort zone. I know, I know, I can hear you—“Everything is working; why do I need to change?” Doing things the old way may be working, but always be thinking about what you can do to improve. If you are not already doing so, consider using social media to communicate with your clients, customers and those you would not otherwise reach. This advertising avenue is on and available 24/7, making you accessible more than just during company hours. Social media is not just a means of communicating who you are. Think about posting coupons, offering discounts or giving your “friends” a sneak peak. Don’t be the company that’s hiding out. You don’t want to be the combover company. Be the company that everyone else is striving to be.

We all know that Donald Trump and his businesses are gold mines, but remember, he is the only one who can sport that bouffant hair. iBi

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