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History shows a long tradition of collecting rainwater for use in dry months, despite the misconception in many parts of the world that water is an infinite resource to be exploited at will. But with environmental awareness on the rise across the country, many Americans are interested in saving every drop of water they can, and that includes making the most of what falls from the sky.

With that in mind, the City of Peoria has brought back its rain barrel program this year, offering barrels to residents at a reduced price. It is hoped that the program will not only help you lower your water bill, but also have a positive effect on the environment by saving water and landfill space. The 55-gallon barrels are made from recycled food shipping containers and measure 34 inches tall and 21 inches in diameter. Each is fitted with a screen on top to filter debris and prevent mosquitoes from breeding, and includes a lower fitting for a connection hose and an upper fitting for an overflow hose for the discharge of excess water or connecting multiple barrels.

Water that runs off of roofs is directed via downspouts into the barrels and stored for later use for tasks that don’t require potable water, such as watering plants, rinsing tools, washing cars, bathing pets or wetting compost bins.

Peoria residents can order barrels for $52.92 each. Accessories such as pedestals on which to place barrels and rainwater diverters are also available. All orders must be placed using cash or check at the Office of the City Treasurer by August 13th and can be picked up between 2 and 4pm on August 20th at the City’s Operations & Maintenance Facility at 3505 N. Dries Lane. For more information, call 494-8800 or visit iBi