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Project Management. Some people love it, some people hate it. Love it or hate it, project management concepts are key parts of growing a successful business. Project management (PM) helps you balance the competing factors of time, cost and quality. The ability to create a sustainable and repeatable framework will help you grow your business.

To find the correct project management balance, utilize my four-stage process to achieve your own success. The key, high-level, core steps are identified under each stage.

The Start-Up Stage

Have you done your pre-planning properly? Does the project
team agree to the task lists and initial schedule commitments?
Do they agree with the committed timeline?
The Planning Stage

The Execution Stage
This phase is iterative. This is where project execution occurs. Monitoring, follow-up and checkups occur here.

The Close-Down Stage

Right-sizing project management concepts to your projects can give your business a competitive edge. It creates and promotes confidence within your team and with your clients. It allows you to manage scope and cost elements in real time. Project management can help you identify risks and scope issues earlier in a project, helping to protect your investment and create new innovation opportunities. Utilize my four-stage process to save money, save time and enhance quality. iBi

Greg Johnson is president of Pearl Technology in Peoria Heights, Illinois.
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