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Stacy DeJaynes is a registered nurse and the director of growth and innovation for Methodist Medical Group. She was promoted to this position earlier this year, significantly expanding her leadership position within the organization. Working closely with Methodist’s medical director, DeJaynes also serves as clinical director for the Methodist In-School Health Program, Methodist Foot and Ankle Clinic, MMG Podiatry, Methodist Center for Senior Health, Methodist Center for Integrative Medicine, MMG at Washington, Methodist Sports Medicine, and MMG at North Knoxville-Family Medicine.

For over six years, DeJaynes has supervised the Methodist In-School Health Program, which provides frontline access to healthcare for the underinsured. In 2009, she was instrumental in establishing the first In-School Health Program in a District 150 high school. The clinic at Manual High School, which offers basic physicals, immunizations and a range of behavioral health services, saw an average of 45 students each day and completed over 4,000 visits in the last school year alone. Under her leadership, the program expanded beyond District 150 to other local communities and the Head Start and Early Head Start programs, and DeJaynes spearheaded the implementation of a new health center at the Peoria Citizens Committee for Economic Opportunity’s Head Start Program at Webster Center.

DeJaynes was involved in the installation, training and operation of the electronic medical records system for the In-School Health Program, which required extensive coordination of administrative and IT offices both at Methodist and at area schools.

Participating in a child obesity project with Quality Quest for Health of Illinois, Methodist collected health information from students in three District 150 schools to help create a program designed to improve overall health. DeJaynes now chairs the Wellness Council that was a direct result of this project and is responsible for overseeing its continuation.

In addition to her professional duties, DeJaynes serves on the Full-Service Community Schools Advisory Council and is a member of the steering committee for the Illinois Coalition for School Health Centers. In March 2008, she was recognized for her leadership when she was named the Methodist Medical Center Employee of the Month. iBi