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An optometrist at Vision Care Center in Peoria, Dr. Timothy Cundiff performs eye examinations and manages and distributes all marketing and advertising efforts for the practice and its website. He also serves as the director of the center’s Sports Vision Clinic, which conducts training exercises to improve the visual function of athletes of all ages.

Through his efforts, the practice has grown steadily during tough economic times. His motto is to market from the exam room out, with a focus on exam room care, attention to detail and bedside manner as the base for the service-driven practice.

Dr. Cundiff is a member of numerous professional organizations and advisory boards, and has received a variety of industry awards. He has hosted workshops and given talks at schools and libraries to educate children, parents and teachers of the importance of vision in education.

In addition to his commitment to his practice, Cundiff is active in his community. He spends one day a month providing eye care at a public aid clinic in downtown Peoria, and makes monthly visits to nursing homes for those who are unable to travel to an optometrist’s office. He has also performed free screenings on athletes at the Special Olympics and AAU Junior Olympics.

Cundiff is a member of the Young Professionals Organization of Greater Peoria (YPGP), chairing the Nominations Committee and serving on the Professional Development and Social sub-committees. He founded the Murray Baker Task Force within YPGP, aimed at educating members of Peoria’s history, and spearheaded a holiday food and toy drive for the less fortunate. Cundiff is a graduate of YPGP’s LEAP Academy and served as the academy’s co-chair this year.

He is also a member of the Lakeview Museum Board of Directors, chairing its annual Meteor Shower fundraiser last year. His leadership helped to raise more than $51,000 for Lakeview. Cundiff serves on the Methodist College of Nursing Board and has been a volunteer for WTVP’s fundraising drive for the last two years.

One of the trailblazers of the campaign to bring Google to Peoria, Cundiff promoted Peoria in the form of videos, slideshows and presentations. One of his videos was even featured on the NBC Nightly News. iBi