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People demand transparency.They want it from government, where they shop, where they work and from the charities they support. People want to know—is it stable, sustainable and operating efficiently?

Last month, the community came together to celebrate the results of the Heart of Illinois United Way’s 2010 campaign. Throughout last year, United Way volunteers worked hard to increase central Illinois’ support, and because of their efforts, 49 organizations increased their contributions to the United Way by more than 20 percent, resulting in a campaign total of more than $8.755 million.

The Heart of Illinois United Way makes philanthropy easy and effective. It is critical that central Illinois business leaders and the community trust United Way to provide an exceptional return on their charitable investments. Through strength and experience, the United Way is the shortest distance between community investment and a stronger, healthier region.

While going above and beyond to build upon the incredible accomplishments of past campaigns, the 2010 campaign expanded its reach within the community with one simple goal—that everyone can get involved. No matter the size of your organization, or the size of your gift, everyone can make a difference in our community by supporting the United Way.

This positioning is directly based upon the theory of open book management, which requires organizations to utilize one of their most important resources—the skills and intelligence of the people who work to support it. It’s also the basis for many of United Way’s best campaign practices. Through leadership, education, information, involvement and rewards—the five fundamentals of open book management style—we’re able to create a sense of ownership amongst our volunteers and contributors while motivating them to support vital health and human care programs within the community.

In spring 2011, approximately 100 allocation volunteers will make funding decisions based upon program outcomes and how well they are addressing critical needs identified in our community assessment. The Heart of Illinois United Way establishes and funds vital health and human care programs that focus on improving economic conditions, education and the overall health of at-risk populations in our community. Performance measurements are an integral part of the United Way’s allocation process as it systematically evaluates the impact and tangible results a program is having on the clients being served.

By utilizing open book management and sharing information with business leaders, employees, volunteers, contributors and the community as a whole, the Heart of Illinois United Way can continue to address the critical health and human care needs of residents in central Illinois. iBi

We invite you to a presentation by the “Father of Open Book Management,” Jack Stack, who will be in Peoria on March 11th. The presentation is sponsored by the Executive Development Center at Bradley University, Federal Companies, the Heart of Illinois United Way and The Heartland Partnership. Visit and click on “A Stake in the Outcome” for more information—and turn to page 54 to learn more about OBM!