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John Searby is a sales manager at Adams Outdoor Advertising, the founder and CEO of WORKflow Peoria, and former assistant athletic director at Bradley University. He’s a 1998 graduate of Milligan College and received his master’s degree in English from Tennessee Tech in 2002. Outside of work, his interests include college sports, hiking, biking and kayaking with his family.

5 Favorite Books

5 Favorite Musicians
I love singer songwriters who can take it mellow and rock out all on the same album—but the music has to matter, with words that make me think.
  • Freddy Jones Band
    • Indigo Girls
    • Son Volt
    • Wilco
    • Mat Kearney

5 Favorite Peoria Restaurants

Battles of the Sexes Over Sleep
It’s been said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Certainly, when it comes to our sleep patterns, that’s the case. The two sexes have different “body clocks”: Men’s circadian period is 24 hours, 11 minutes on average—six minutes longer than women’s—which, in part, explains some of these differences. Consider the following, from a recent Wall Street Journal article that references a 2005 poll from the National Sleep Foundation:

Apps for the Busy CEO
It’s stressful to run a company, but technology can make things a little easier., the mobile app superstore, offers up its top five apps that every CEO should have on their smartphones. These five apps are free for the iPhone: